Sunday, 2 March 2014

Facing My Fears, Exciting News and Time in Nature

So this week was a big week for me. First of all on Wednesday I launched my website Holistic Lifestyle Sanctuary. Although i've been working towards this moment for years, I was still so nervous when it actually came to publishing the website and officially launching my business. I must admit though, once it was done I was very relieved and felt quite proud of myself that i'd actually done it. 

So now i'm entering the world of being an entrepreneur. I have so much to learn and lots of ideas and plans, but I know my business can grow and evolve with me. I watched a few videos by Marie Forleo, and one of the things she said that really resonated with me was the term "multi-passionate entrepreneur". I think that's definitely me! Lots of passions and interests, I just need to figure out how to put them all together to create a successful business. 

Then the day after I received the amazing news that I have passed my Juice Therapy course and i'm now a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist. After such an amazing time at the academy in 2012 and so much hard work since, i'm so excited to have passed. So i'll be able to offer Juice Therapy Consultations very soon!

To celebrate, here's the recipe for the berry and raw chocolate smoothie I made yesterday.

1 Cup of Almond Milk (sweetened with raw honey and lucuma)
1 heaped tsp of Raw Chocolate Powder
1 tsp of Maca
Large handful of berries

You can add more honey/agave/dates if you like it sweeter. 
Blend it up and drink!

I also had an article on crystal healing published in Soulwoman Magazine this week. It's such a beautiful magazine, written by some very inspiring women and i'm so happy to have the opportunity to write some articles for them. I'm now working on my next article on natural skincare.

So after a very busy week, we went out for a lovely meal last night and today we took a trip to our local nature reserve. It felt lovely being out in nature, laughing and enjoying ourselves. We saw some gorgeous birds, one of the robins even had some of Luke's chicken pie! It definitely preferred it to bird seed.

So after a lovely, but tiring week, i'm going to have a nice rest this evening with a juice and a good book, ready for another busy week ahead! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Creating Simplicity

We may be in February already, but this is my first post of 2014. Time seems to be flying by! My blog may have been quiet, but life certainly hasn't. I've been very busy with the boys, studying, working, creating and making plans for my new business Holistic Lifestyle Sanctuary. It's been an eventful and exciting time.

My theme for the beginning of this year was to let go, release and simplify, and that was definitely true for January. I spent hours decluttering the house, unsubscribing to newsletters that I no longer needed, letting go of ideas and plans that were no longer in alignment with my life, unsubscribing to magazines and releasing negative thoughts and beliefs. I still have more to do, but it feels extremely freeing to simply let go.

From my medicine wheel, which I did back in December, the word for January was "opening". I focused on this word every day and felt more open to any opportunities that happened. I tried to keep an open mind and trust that whatever was happening, was happening for a reason. I certainly had a reminder of this a few weeks ago when I was feeling really ill. I spent a day in bed, and realized that it was a reminder to make self care a priority. Although I eat very healthily, I don't always give myself enough time to relax and this results in feeling very drained. So I decided make sure that yoga, journaling and a few early nights were just as important as studying.

This months word is "love", and I think self-love and self-care may be a big theme for this month.

I also re-read some of my favourite books for inspiration, including The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and This I Know by Susannah Conway. I've found that the main advantage of commuting to work by train, is that I have an hour to read my books without any distractions. I actually look forwards to getting on the train and immersing myself in a beautiful book - although I have enjoyed this so much that i've almost 
missed my station on more than one occasion!

I've also found a little time to create some more jewellery, although not as much time as i'd like. This is definitely something I need to schedule more time for. I've signed up to some online classes with London Jewellery School so i'll be learning some new skills and making more time for this passion.

My juice therapy course is going really well, and i'm almost onto the last module which means very soon i'll be a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist. This is really exciting and I can't wait. I've worked really hard and it will be an amazing feeling to finish the course. I also found out on Boxing Day evening, that I have passed my Crystal Master course. As you can imagine, I was far too excited to sleep that night!

The boys have been very busy too. Dylan has been competing in tawkwondo, improving every day and getting a well deserved bronze medal last Sunday after two brilliant fights.

Luke has been enjoying free running and dancing, and won a trophy in dancing a few weeks ago for his hard work. He is now rehearsing for a dance show in April, and is getting a chance to try choreographing his own routine with a small group of boys. He's loving it, and his confidence is really growing.

So I will continue to declutter and find new ways to simplify my life, whilst making sure that self care is an important part of daily life. After all, i'm much more useful to everyone else, when i'm feeling energetic and healthy myself. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Oracle Cards, Jewellery Making & A Raw Christmas

Since my trip to London last month, i've been focusing on getting lots of oracle card readings done for my certification. I'm almost half way through, and it's been lovely connecting with so many people and using the cards to offer guidance and support. I'm loving learning about different spreads, and building my confidence in intuitive reading. I've been combining readings with meditation and crystals which makes them even more special and increases energetic healing. I've also been doing angel card readings, just for myself for now, and i'm really enjoying learning more about this too. 

I've also been making lots of jewellery over the last few weeks, some for Christmas presents and some for myself. I attended a metal stamping class, and made some Christmas decorations. I'm planning on buying some metal stamping supplies and making more of this kind of jewellery. I love that you can stamp any words or messages onto them and make them very personal.

Then it was time to celebrate Christmas. Christmas eve was spent delivering presents and visiting friends and family, then Christmas day was nice and quiet and we spent a relaxing day at home. The boys loved their presents and we had a lovely Christmas dinner together. Mine was a raw sun-dried tomato nut roast, warmed in the dehydrator, raw marinated vegetables and mashed sweet potato. It was delicious. We spent the evening snuggled up by the fire watching dvd's and I read my new book.

Today has been nice and relaxing too. We've built Lego, played basketball and watched dvd's. I made a batch of raw coconut cookies, which tasted lovely and enjoyed a little quiet time in the garden.

Here's an update on the boys as they've given me so many reasons to be proud of them this month.

After 18 months of training hard, and at times struggling not to let his dyspraxia get the better of him, Dylan got his black belt in taekwondo last month. It was definitely one of the proudest moments of my life and he was so pleased with himself, he even slept with his black belt hanging from the side of his bed for the first few nights. He works so hard and really deserved it. He's now focusing on doing more competitions and training for his 2nd dan black belt which will be next November.

A few days after this Luke took part in a dance show. He did a routine with the other boys, a free style and some flips. I always love seeing him up on stage, and the whole group did so well. I was so proud of Luke's flips which have really improved this year, and he got a big cheer from the audience which made him really happy.

He's also been enjoying some creative time in the kitchen, coming up with new recipes. I love seeing him enjoying himself in the kitchen and he always makes a very good mess too!

So it's been very eventful as always, and as 2013 draws to a close, i'm focusing on my plans for 2014, hoping to make it a healthy, creative and amazing year for me and my boys.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Creative & Spiritual Journey

I've just spent an amazing and inspiring weekend in London, a weekend full of joy, tears, release, creativity and spiritual connection. I'm still feeling extremely emotional now, but in a good way, like i've let go of so many negative and limiting thoughts and embraced a future of endless possibilities.

First of all, on Friday afternoon, I did some sightseeing around London, checking out some of the famous landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

I had lunch at my favourite raw, vegan cafe, which was raw pizza followed by raw chocolate cheesecake.

And even managed to find some nature in the heart of London.

Then it was onto London Jewellery School for a class in making cocktail rings. I had a lovely 3 hours being creative, trying out different beads and colours and chatting to the others in the class. It was a lovely evening and these are the rings I made.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready for my course - Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading Certification with Denise Linn. I set off early and walked along the Thames, watching the sun rising over the London Eye. It was a beautiful and peaceful morning, and I felt very calm and grateful to have this opportunity. 

I arrived at my course a little early and chatted to some of the others who were there. I was very excited, and couldn't wait to listen to Denise, after reading her books for years. I knew it was going to be a very special two days, although I don't think I realized quite how amazing it was going to be.

Over the weekend we learnt about oracle cards and readings, creating sacred space, feng shui and much more. We were each given a set of oracle cards and we practiced readings on each other which was lovely, and emotional at times. 

We also did guided visualizations, meditation, chanting and a vision circle. They were all extremely powerful and emotional. For me, the most intense visualization was the past life regression. This isn't really something that i'd thought about too much, but was happy to give it a try. Within a couple of minutes I was in floods of tears and didn't stop crying until about 10 minutes after we'd finished. I can't even describe how amazing the feeling of letting go, releasing and finally believing is. 

Past life regression means to go back to a past life and uncover anything from that time which could be affecting your life now. Obviously it isn't guaranteed to be true, but it feels so real that it really doesn't matter. Denise guided us through the vizualization, with sounds and music in the background. As she talked about nature, she had nature sounds such as thunder, rain etc, sometimes calming music and other times very loud music, which all fit in perfectly with what she was saying. 

As I went back to my past life, I was a healer in Africa,  a really good healer and I lived to a very old age. It was all so real and so clear, and what made it even more profound for me was that when I began visualizing Africa, music from the Lion King came on. I've taken from that, that i'm definitely meant to be a healer now too. Whether that's with reiki, crystals, coaching, aromatherapy, herbs, nutrition or oracle cards, my dream is to make a difference. (Or maybe i'm meant to work with lions?)

Taking part in a vision circle was also extremely powerful and you could feel so much energy and love from the others in the circle. I met some amazing people who were so supportive and kind, and that made it even more special.

It was certainly a weekend that i'll never forget and will always be a very special part of my journey! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Artist Dates, Jewellery Workshops, Meditation & Time in Nature


At the beginning of this year I began reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's one of my favourite books and I always feel so inspired reading it. The idea is that you write your morning pages (3 pages first thing when you wake up) every day and take yourself on a weekly artist date. This can be anything, a nature walk alone, a trip to a museum etc. I have definitely been neglecting both of these as life gets in the way so last month I decided to try again. I always found artists dates very helpful - time to think, meditate and nurture yourself.  I decided to take myself off to a jewellery making workshop, followed by lunch in my favourite raw vegan cafe. I had a beautiful raw meal followed by raw chocolate cheesecake and a peppermint tea, whilst reading my book. I felt completely reenergised afterwards and i'm determined to carry this on, even if I can't manage it every week. 

I've now attended two jewellery making workshops, and booked on a few more. I'm learning so many new skills and I always come away feeling very inspired.  It's lovely to simply focus on being creative. Here's a few of the items i've made so far.

I also attended a meditation workshop a few weeks ago, which was really amazing. I learnt so much about sound healing, posture and creating sacred space. It was so relaxing and I could really feel so much energy as we all meditated together. We were also given a meditation journal to write about our experiences of our meditation practice which I loved, as I love journaling and know how helpful and healing it can be. And whilst on the subject of journaling, I passed my Journal Therapy course with a distinction last week and received my certificate a few days ago, so that was lovely news.

After working and studying very hard over the last month, it was lovely today to take Luke on a lovely nature walk in the woods. I really felt like I needed to connect with Mother Earth and that's exactly what I did. It was a lovely day, and, of course, my camera came with my too.

Another amazing thing which happened this month is that I wrote my story for one of my favourite online magazines Soulwoman.  It's a beautiful magazine full of love and inspiration, and it's free! Here's the link if you'd like to have a look.

Well it's certainly been a busy and eventful month and there's lots of exciting things happening in November, including my trip to London. I'm very excited and will have lots to share over the next few weeks!