Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Foraging & Nature

At the weekend we went for a lovely nature walk, ready to explore and forage. 

Luke had lots of fun climbing on everything he could find, and I simply enjoyed watching him whilst taking photos of the nature around me.

We brought some containers, and collected some blackberries, elderberries and rosehips. We also had our foraging book and attempted to identify some plants which we weren't too sure about. It's a good way to learn, and definitely brought back lovely memories from our homeschooling days.

I've been busy making a raw blackberry crumble, elderberry syrup and homemade rosehip oil. (I'll add the recipes soon!) 

I can't think of a more calming and relaxing way to spend a day than in nature. It's definitely my favourite place to be!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Family Life

It's been a good few months since I last blogged. Life has been so busy that I just haven't had chance. So here's an update on family life!

On a Saturday, back in June, the boys and I were disturbed by a very loud chirping. We knew there was a birds nest in the roof, but this was much louder and i kept saying that it sounded like it was actually in the house. Around 4pm, I went into the kitchen to put some washing in and, as I opened the cupboard door, a tiny little chick jumped out. Now i'm not going to lie, it made me jump and I screamed, the chick was terrified and began running around the kitchen like a, well, headless chicken. The boys had heard me scream and came running into the room. I calmed down and so did the chick. We managed to get it into a little box to keep it safe whilst we decided what to do. I rang our local vets, and they said we couldn't put it outside as it would probably be eaten by a fox, and we couldn't reunite it with it's family as the nest is in the roof. They said we could take it to them the following morning and they would hand rear it. So we had a very cute house guest for the night. Luke was amazing at looking after him. He collected worms from the garden to feed him, and we stayed up all night with him, feeding him every hour. 

It was a long night, but worth every minute. He was so adorable, and loved being held. We took him to the vets the following morning, and he's now living in an aviary. Happy ending for little Birdie.

Unfortunately, this was followed with a heartbreaking week for us. The following Wednesday, about 7am, we were all getting ready when I heard a loud noise from the rabbit cage. I ran over and Ben seemed to be having some kind of fit, he was thrashing around and couldn't get himself up right. I immediately burst into tears as I knew it was something serious, and shouted for everyone. We got dressed and drove to the emergency vets. I held Ben in my arms in the car and he seemed to settle. 
The vet said it was very serious, and that it wasn't looking good. They said they'd try some medication and give it a few hours and then ring us. So we left him there, praying that we would get some good news. The boys went into school late to try and keep their minds of everything, whilst I sat at home and cried. I even got a cuddle from the postman when I answered the door in tears. About 3pm, we got the phone call to say that it hadn't worked and that he's had a kind of stroke. They said the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep. So we drove back to the vets to say our goodbyes and to stay with him until he feel asleep. We were with him until the end, so he wasn't alone and as heartbreaking as it was, i'm happy that I stayed. We had him cremated and received his ashes a week later.

We decided to get another rabbit, as Izzy seemed a little lonely. So a few weeks later we welcomed Yogi to the family. He's only 2, and very inquisitive. Him and Izzy still aren't too sure about each other, but hopefully they'll get there.

We spent a lot of time in nature in the weeks following, as I feel it's the best place to heal. We had a lovely trip to the Peak District, lots of exploring, climbing and discovering wildlife.

Luke and I have also spent lots of time taking nature walks, foraging and taking lots of photos, two of my favourite things to do.

I've also enjoyed lots of time in the kitchen, creating new recipes and herbal remedies.

A few weeks ago I made some elderberry syrup and a nettle infusion.

And of course I've been making lots of juices.

I've also been busy decluttering the house, getting rid of lots of possessions and simplifying everything. I'm loving the feeling of letting go of so much stuff, creating more space and time for the things I love. 

I even decided that in keeping with my free spirited lifestyle, I didn't want to be tied to a desk so I sold it. I now work from wherever I choose, which is usually the garden! 

Working so close to nature is much more inspiring for me than sitting at a desk.

So it's been an eventful few months, lots of ups and downs, but we got through it. I have lots of exciting things coming up, so i'm going to try my best to blog more often and share whats going on in life!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Superjuice Me, London & The Beauty of Spring

So it's been another crazy few months here, and the time seems to have flown. There's been lots of exciting things happening, trips to London and Wales, birthday celebrations and lots of family time, as well as lots of studying, working, decluttering and yoga!

A few weeks ago I traveled to London for the premiere of SuperJuice Me, Jason Vales new documentary which I filmed a short interview for. It was an amazing experience, and the documentary was extremely inspiring. Jason gave a short talk first which, as always was hilarious as well as heartfelt and inspiring, and then we watched the film. 

It definitely confirmed to me why I love juicing so much, and I hope it will inspire many more people to start juicing and make positive changes to their health. 

We also found time for a little sight seeing which was really good fun, and very tiring! I love the energy of cities like London, and the enjoyment of visiting famous landmarks, but I was also ready for a good rest and some nature afterwards.

I also celebrated my birthday last month with a trip to Snowdonia in Wales with my boys. We had a lovely day out, lots of walking, nature and the beautiful sight of Snowden. I enjoyed taking photos and enjoying the fresh air, whilst the boys ran around climbing on rocks and skimming stones. A perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Then this week was Dylan's birthday and we took the boys karting, which they love. They can't wait to go back again now.

I've been enjoying lots of time in nature with my camera as always. Last week I went on an artist date, and spent the afternoon having a long nature walk, just me, my camera and my journal. I sat on the grass to write, I walked through the trees and I took lots of photos, capturing the beauty of spring, my favourite season. 

I also manged to capture many signs of spring in the garden, slight obsession with taking photos of cherry blossom, but I wanted to make the most of it whilst it was there :) 

It's definitely a beautiful time of year, and a perfect time for new beginnings.